Vexatious Litigants the masochists of the legal community.

These are individuals who undergo legal action in cases which have no merit and are excluded from making claims or applications without the permission of the court these are done through a Civil Restraint Order (CRO).

It is a hobby for them to repeatedly bringing claims without merit and court applications. They file so much to bury the opposition in paperwork or to keep them quiet or harass the opposition, so they don’t continue with their claim.

This is viewed as bad practice which is the reasoning for a (CRO) to discipline these offenders so they can’t pursue claims like this again which dissuades others from following this practice and stops repeat offenders from continuing This excludes them from making claims and applications requiring the permission of the court. If a claim is issued without the permission it is dismissed without the need for a response from the other party.

How to spot a Vexatious Litigant

They are normally someone who acts on their own behalf and raises action regarding the same matter resulting in time wasted and frustration who seem to find pleasure in making someone’s day a misery. The only way to stop these Litigants is through the CRO’s which are issued by a judge as they have abused the judicial process.

By Owen White Third Year Law Student at Southampton Solent

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