Versace sues Fashion Nova for copying design of iconic dress worn by Jennifer Lopez.

Versace appear to have had enough of retail brand rip-offs, having filed a lawsuit against fast fashion brand Fashion Nova. Although many Versace-inspired designs can be found on Fashion Nova’s website, the one concept which caused a dispute was the iconic jungle print dress, worn by J-Lo, at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

The lawsuit was filed in California Federal Court on Monday, with Versace seeking injunctive relief. Fashion Nova has been described as a retailer ‘specialising in fast fashion knock-offs, as detailed by Court papers. It is claimed that the copyright infringement was completely intentional, copying three of Versace’s signature designs. One of them was the “Jungle Dress” worn by actor and singer Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. This was identified as one of the most iconic dresses of all time, by a poll carried out in 2008. This infringement caused fury with iconic designer brand Versace, as consumers would associate the retail product with the high-end one, which could seriously damage Versace’s reputation, by negatively impacting exclusivity, thus lowering the figure for demand.

Versace are not the first brand to sue the company and will definitely not be the last. Eight infringement lawsuits have been filed against Fashion Nova, since their brand launch in 2013.

Fashion Nova defended their territory when Kim Kardashian-West spoke out about the copyright infringement of a Thierry Mugler dress she wore. They insist that Kardashian is one of the top fashion icons in the world, one which their consumers draw much inspiration from. Her influential style is capable of being executed in a matter of hours, with the promise of a fair price. This also appears to apply to Lopez in the current scenario, demonstrating Fashion Nova take most of their inspired designs from A-List celebrities.

They appear to show no signs of stopping their fast fashion knock-offs anytime soon, as well as no remorse for causing potential damage to exclusive designer brands, such as Versace.

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