Versace and Fashion Nova case is settled just days before trial was due to begin

After a continuous legal battle between Versace and Fashion Nova, the two brands have settled the copyright and trade mark infringement lawsuit, just days before the matter was due to commence trial. If you have been keeping up with our Reading Room, you may be aware that the high-end fashion brand filed the suit against Fashion Nova a year and a half ago.

The dispute arose as a result of Fashion Nova’s “deliberate copies and imitations” of Versace’s most famous patterns, designs and symbols. Amongst many other prints, the iconic “Jungle Print” dress, as modelled by Jennifer Lopez, was a significant focus of the dispute and led Versace to argue that consumers might get confused into believing Fashion Nova’s products were authorised by or associated with Versace. Consequently, it was stated that such belief from consumers would not only disadvantage the high-end brand’s reputation but also its monetary gains.

Fashion Nova responded to the above statement back in 2020, however, Judge Oliver sided with Versace. There are currently no further details in regard to the settlement. Versace is not the first high-end brand to be imitated by a fast-fashion company such as the defendant, and it will likely not be the last. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates on the matter on our Reading Room. 

Case: Gianni Versace S.r.l. v Fashion Nova, Inc., 2:2019-cv-10074 (C.D.Cal.)

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