USPTO publishes details of Apple’s Mac Pro airflow system patent.

Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published one of Apple’s patent applications in relation to its Mac Pro Tower. This is a desktop computer, however the patent largely focuses on the device’s airflow system, which is referred to as an “air-moving apparatus”. 

As per the patent, the desired outcome would consist of a component arrangement which would produce a pattern of airflow. This would ensure to remove or distribute heat, without the need for a “significant increase in the internal volume of the electronic device” or a “undesirably large fan”. The use of powerful fans could increase the production of noise or could require a large amount of room to accommodate it, thus requiring the upsizing of the overall measurements of the computer. 

A simple method which could be used alternatively, whilst still ensuring the device does not overheat, would be to provide more space internally. This would enable airflow between the parts that require heat removal. Nevertheless, this would still affect the size of the computer, with an undesirable increase, which is usually the opposite of what Apple’s previous products have sought to achieve.

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