Urine and litigation news

The goalie from Swiss team FC Muri is speaking to his lawyers following opposing supporters who urinated in his water bottle during a recent match.

The 34-year-old Reto Felder says he is “still feeling sick………..I have never experienced anything like it, that is just primitive filth, I took one sip and realised that it was warm but thought that it was because of the sun. But by the second sip I realised that something was wrong.The mere thought of drinking piss is unbearable. What if, the next time, it is something that knocks you out?”

A spokesperson for the Swiss FA said: “We take this incident very seriously. We are at the moment waiting to see what decision FC Baden arrives at. We can’t do too much at the moment. The club or the player can, however, go to a civil court.”

Watch out De Gea!

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