Universities in development race for mobile Apps to detect Covid-19

With the level of technology, we have available to us, it is no surprise that tech companies around the world are trying to develop programs and software that will aid the world during the current pandemic.

A natural route is the development of an app. Many people now have smartphones and access many services and businesses through mobile apps.

Two universities are pushing to create an app which enables people to check their symptoms and therefore allow the app to predict whether they have become infected with Covid-19.

Both apps will have the ability to listen to the users voice and any coughs they have to predict their potential infection.

The two universities in development are Cambridge University in the UK and US located Carnegie Mellon University. While both institutes are working towards the same product, they are working independently of each other and have been pursuing different approaches.

Cambridge University is seeking to keep their volunteers anonymous whereas Carnegie is seeking users to register themselves.

The overall goal for both apps is to distinguish Covid-19 from other illnesses to make the app as accurate as possible. The way in which both look to achieve this is by analysing a large amount of data through machine learning which is a form of artificial intelligence.

As these efforts are newly established, these apps are still in the developmental stage, but it will be interesting to see if these apps appear to the general public and aid in the effort to combat Covid-19.

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