Universal Music buy the complete Sting song catalogue

As previously reported on by Lawdit, Sting is the latest artist to jump on the song selling bandwagon.

The Police star has sold his entire song catalogue to Universal Music. In company with the likes of Bob Dylan, Sting has become the latest to capitalise on the asset he has built being the writer of so many hit songs, both for his band The Police and his solo songs.

The purchase includes hits such as Roxanne, Every Breath You Take and Fields of Gold.

Universal Music was Sting’s label partner and therefore it seems a natural fit for the body of work to be sold as a collective to them.

The figure paid hasn’t been released but seeing as Sting holds 17 Grammys and 3 Brit awards, its likely to be a substantial figure.

We don’t believe Sting will be the last to take such step, so watch this space.

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