UKIPO responds to Artificial Intelligence and IP consultation

The UK Intellectual Property Office recently put forward a consultation to business to discuss topics around artificial intelligence and intellectual property.

Specifically, the Government were looking for opinions on the following:

  1. Copyright protection for computer-generated works (CGWs) without a human author.
  2. Licensing or exceptions to copyright for text and data mining (TDM), which is often significant in AI use and development.
  3. Patent protection for AI-devised inventions.

Following the responses given, the UKIPO have detailed their response and planned actions.

It has been confirmed that there will be a change in Copyright law, making it easier to analyse material for the purposes of machine learning, research and innovation. This will promote the use of AI technology, and wider “data mining” techniques, with public benefit in mind.

The proposed changes will bring benefit to a wide range of stakeholders including researchers, AI developers and cultural heritage institutions, supporting the government’s ambition for the UK to be a global leader in AI innovation and research.

This change has now become possible as the UK has full control over its copyright laws, no longer a member of the EU.

Science & Innovation Minister George Freeman said:

“Now that the UK has the ability to set our own copyright laws for the first time in decades, we want to ensure the UK continues to have one of the best intellectual property frameworks in the world. IP is key to innovation.

“That’s why, following our consultation earlier this year, we intend to bring the law up to date, embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid developments in technology. The UK will continue to engage with partners around the world, seeking to lead global conversations as we unleash our potential as an innovation nation.

“Our new UK rules on copyright and data mining will act as a catalyst for our innovators to flourish, helping ensure the UK’s IP system remains a powerful enabler for ground-breaking R&D.”

If you would like to discuss your IP protection in more detail, please get in touch with the team.

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