UKIPO Allows Digital Backups

UK Law now allows for the legal backup of music.

In the UK it is now legal to keep backups of your most important media. Consumers are now allowed to keep their music and movies duplicated on local storage or in the cloud. Whilst the change is important to keep up with changing technologies, it is still an offence to share the data with friends and family.

In the past, simple tasks like transferring the content of a CD to iTunes qualified as copyright infringement – even though it was rarely prosecuted.

The changes were detailed in June, when the Intellectual Property Office issued guidance on the matter but did not come in to effect until the start of the month. The Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe stated “these changes are going to being our IP laws in to the 21st century.”

 Increasing numbers of people are using technologies such as the cloud and media streaming to consume their entertainment meaning that old fashioned disks are finally becoming obsolete. For a large proportion of consumers they will now buy a disk so that they can back up the data and copy it across all of their personal devices. ITunes encourages this behaviour with the use of ‘Airdrop’ allowing consumers to copy a movie and have it accessible across all of their apple devices.

Whilst the backup of data becomes legal, DRM (Digital Rights Management) remains in force. If you backup a copy of your CD for example, it is illegal for you to sell the CD and keep the digital backup. Similarly users are not allowed to record streamed music and videos from sites such as Spotify or Netflix.

This is an important change for the future and allows consumers in the 21 century who no longer have a use for disks to backup their music legally.


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