UK Trade Mark registrations on the rise

The Intellectual Property Office has released its 2016 figures which show a rise in UK Trade Marks and Design Registrations. This is a significant increase on the previous year which saw over four thousand more registrations in the UK alone.

International organisations could also be ascribed to this boost, meaning that the 8% rise in TM’s and whopping 50% rise in registered designs wasn’t just local businesses registering. For example, the South Korean Hyundai Motor Company made a total of 48 registrations in 2016, and the Australian Bunnings Group Ltd made 43 registrations in the UK.  Glaxo Group Limited, a UK company, led the registrations by far, with over 188 registrations, shortly followed by SKY PLC with 120.

Registrations from the United States had a huge increase by registering 1,629 UK Trade Marks in 2016, which is a 45% increase on the previous year. The small handful of countries that were down on year 2015 were Switzerland with a 21% fall, and France with a 7% fall. Interestingly, China had the largest increase on previous years, with a 70% rise, and registering 978 Trade Marks.

The official figures for the UK are 54,222 up from 50,079 Trade Marks, and 8,481 Designs an increase from the 5,690 in 2015. Here is to another good year for Trade Mark registrations in 2017. We will keep our eyes peeled for the next announcement from the Intellectual Property Office.

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