UK Pubs shown the red card


Thirteen pubs over the UK have been fined a total of £82,388 for breaching copyright, as they were using illegal means of showing football matches on unauthorized channels. Five pubs were found to be using masking technology to try and avoid legal action being taken against them

The legal action by the football body, which saw a number of pubs across the country shown the red card,

The Whickman House received the second highest fine, behind The Barnstormers In Bolton, which was ordered to pay £16,937.

The action came only after two months after two major suppliers of unauthorized systems – working for company called Digicams- were jailed for three and a half years.

In a separate development, the Premier league has written to pubs near to each of its club’s stadium to warn them of the risks of using unauthorized foreign systems.

The letters, written by the league’s executive chairman, Richard Scudamore , were sent to scores pubs across the country in the early weeks of the season. They make clear the league recognizes the important role the pub industry plays in making the sport available to fans, but warn of the risks of making illegal broadcasts of the premier league football.

 The Premier League said the 2015/16 season will see it commence more actions than ever before against pubs breaching its copyright with unauthorized foreign broadcasts of its matches.Â


Pubs caught up in the legal action are:


  1. The Barnstormers, Bolton – agreed to pay costs of £16,937
  2. The Whickham House, Gateshead – ordered to pay costs of £7,265
  3. The Old Frizzle Pub, London SW19 – agreed to pay costs of £6,411
  4. The Ranelagh Arms, Wellingborough – ordered to pay £6,383
  5. The Aberdale Pub, Leicester – ordered to pay costs of £5,438
  6. The White Lion Public House, Grantham – ordered to pay costs of £5,307
  7. Grand Central, Paignton – agreed to pay costs of £5,200
  8. Stadium Pub, Liverpool – ordered to pay costs of £5,168
  9. Kings Arms, Middlesex – agreed to pay costs of £5,015
  10. The Fox and Goose, Birmingham – agreed to pay costs of £5,000
  11. The Pilot, Hull – agreed to pay costs of £5,000
  12. The Alpha Arms Slough – ordered to pay costs of £4,723
  13. The Clapham North, London, SW9 – agreed to pay costs of £4,541


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