UK IPO reveals three-year corporate plan


Today, the UK Intellectual Property Office has revealed their corporate plan for the next three years. This outlines their key objectives and goals for growth and expansion.

This is to be coupled with a previously announced five-year strategy ‘Making Life Better by Supporting UK Creativity and Innovation’.

This can only be beneficial to the UK IP owners.

The plan outlines six goals that will shape the way in which the UK IPO will progress in the coming years, these are:

  1. Promoting UK Growth through IP Policy.
  2. Delivering High Quality Rights.
  3. Ensuring IP rights are respected and appropriately enforced.
  4. Educating and enabling business to understand, manage and protect their IP.
  5. Improving the skills and capability of our people.
  6. Increasing efficiency and delivering value for money.

Speaking of this plan, Minster for Intellectual Property Baroness Neville-Rolfe, DBE, CMG states that the goals and objectives outlined “complement and support the wider corporate priorities and are about real benefits for IP users and ensuring that the organisation is fit to deliver on its commitments. I have every confidence that it will do so.”

For more in-depth information about the UK IPO’s plans, visit their website and read the complete report:

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