UK IPO report highlights the scale of IP crime


The annual report from the UK IP crime group has been released which gives insight in the sources and key areas of crime relating to Intellectual property.

The UK crime group was founded by the UK Intellectual property office in 2004 and contains representatives from the private sector, enforcement agencies and government departments who have a role in tackling UK IP crime.

This report is a publication of the work that the group has developed through their meetings every 2 months throughout 2014-2015.

Amongst other points, the report highlights the scope and scale of IP crime in the UK. It is interesting to note that social media is cited in the top 10 locations investigated for counterfeit goods. This shows the development and the impact of technology on all aspects of intellectual property.

The report also highlights successes made to tackle IP crime and the relationships developed between the government, industries and law enforcement to reduce the level of crime

Overall, it is clear that crime in intellectual property has fallen with the rise in success affecting many areas.

The full report can be found on the UK Intellectual Property Office website using the following link:

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