UK IPO promote copyright security with Get It Right

In a bid to ensure that the general public are clear about copyright and the importance of supporting secure businesses, the UK Intellectual Property Office have started a new campaign.

The Get It Right from a Genuine Site awareness campaign aims to educate the public about the continuing presence of fakes on the internet offering cheap imitations of popular branded goods.

In addition, the campaign is focusing on the transfer and sharing of copyright protected works which are posted illegally.

To get the information to all households, Internet Service Providers are distributing educational emails to those whose internet connection have been indicated in the sharing of files that contain copyright protected content.

This is separate to any infringement correspondence that these households may receive from the owners of these copyright works. The emails sent from the UK IPO have no legal power but are there to ensure that people are aware of the severity of infringing copyright protection and can then rectify their actions.

If you have received one of these emails, do not hesitate to contact Lawdit Solicitors to discuss a way to ensure you act in line with copyright in the future. You can also contact the UK IPO through their website

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