UK IPO invites comment on copyright changes


The UK Intellectual Property Office has invited the public to comment and give their view on their proposal to amend the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 outlines the protection that copyright law gives to a number of different types of works as well as the control the owners of these copyright works have over their protection. This protection includes the showing, playing and other communications of works to the public. These works include films and broadcasts.

The amendment that is proposed will contained in section 72(1). This section will set out an exception to the rights explained above. This exception would allow organisations that do not charge for admission to their events or premises to show television programmes to the general public without having to gain permission from the copyright owner. The organisation would, however have to get permission if they were to show another copyright protected work in conjunction, for example the musical introduction to a programme could also have copyright protection. Permission would have to be given by the owner of the music copyright for the broadcast to go ahead.

The consultation opportunity given by the UK IPO is seeking to address any issues that could occur if this amendment was implemented. Recent cases in the courts have already highlighted a number of potential problems which should be resolved through this consultation process

All comments should be submitted to the UK Intellectual Property Office in writing before the open meeting on the 8th of September where all concerns and questions will be discussed in full. See the website link below for more contact details.

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