UK IPO calls for your copyright views

The UK Intellectual Property Office has made a call on its website for views on the new potential changes to EU copyright law.

Recently, the European Commission has released draft legislation that will modernise the existing copyright rules in force.

This draft legislation includes a new regulation and Directive that will update the rules regarding online transmissions by broadcasting organisations as well as the retransmissions of television and radio programmes.

Overall the update to copyright across Europe is to enforce the digital market and create a better functioning marketplace for copyright across Europe.

To ensure that these rules are going to be well received, the UK Intellectual Property are asking for views and opinions on how this new legislation can impact on businesses in the UK.

In a statement made about this new copyright renovation, The European Commission has said

“The government is seeking views on the draft legislation to ensure that it delivers the best outcomes for all those affected by the measures. We would welcome your views on the costs and benefits of these proposals, and suggestions for how the language of the proposed legislation can be improved. We would also welcome views on the possible impacts the legislation may have in light of the UK’s planned exit from the European Union.”Â

Views need to be sent to the UK IPO by the 6th December using the email

Following the analysis of views given, it will become clear if the new rules will stay as they are or will be amended to change their potential impact on the UK and the EU overall.

Of course, the implementation of these rules is subject to the exit of the UK from the EU. As the terms of Brexit haven’t yet been agreed, the UK’s intellectual property connection with the EU is still unclear.

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