UK IPO announce design system update

News just in from the UK Intellectual Property Office, their system to register and maintain your design rights is now cheaper.

The new fees were implemented on the 1st October 2016, and now compliment previous changes that allow the system to be easier to use.

The new reduced fees have stemmed from savings made by moving the majority of the design right application online and creating a more streamlined service.

An example of the savings to be made for registering your designs is as follows:

  • for a single online application, the fee is reduced by £10 to £50
  • for multiple applications, the savings are bigger. An application containing 2-10 designs will cost £70, with each extra block of up to 10 costing an additional £20
  • under the old fees, an application containing 40 designs would cost £1620. Under the new fees, it will cost £130

An example of the savings to be made for renewing and maintaining your designs

  • renewing for the 6-10 years will cost £70, down from £130
  • the savings increase over the 25 years available – renewing for the 20-25 years will cost £140, down from £450

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State for Intellectual Property and Energy, speaking on the change, has said

“I am pleased that our designers will be able to take advantage of the new fees and that creative design-led businesses will benefit from the significant savings available.”

To take advantage of these changes, contact Lawdit Solicitors to get the design right process started.

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