UK Government department in Queen image TM bid

The UK Government department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has made an application with the UK Intellectual Property Office to protect an image of the Queen as a trade mark.

The proposed trade mark in question is the iconic image of Queen Elizabeth ll’s head which appears on postage stamps.

Previously the protection of this image has been monitored by the Royal Mail Group, who released a statement in respect of the application, stating that while they had previously ensured that the “iconic image of the Queen’s head has the appropriate legal protection” and that the trademark application is intended to “help ensure that this protection continues”.

The Royal Mail did confirm that the image would still be used on postage stamps. The image was originally designed by Arnold Machin, as well as the image used on coins for its first use on stamps in 1967.

There is murmurs that the Queen herself is not happy about the trade mark application, but this has not been confirmed by official sources.

Watch this space, there may be an image rights claim on the horizon!

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