UK-based reggae record label sues Chris Brown and Sony Music for copyright infringement

Isleworth based reggae record label Greensleeves Publishing Ltd is suing American singer/ rapper Chris Brown and multinational music producer Sony Music Entertainment for $1.5m, in a copyright infringement dispute.

In the suit filed in the United States District Court, New York earlier this week, Greensleeves Publishing claimed that singer Chris Brown and Sony Music Entertainment have infringed Jamaican dancehall reggae recording and performing artist, Red Rat’s ‘Tight Up Skirt’ top hit following the release of Chris Brown’s 2017 song ‘Privacy’. In the complaint, Greensleeves’ lawyers allege that Chris Brown sampled eight words from the dancehall reggae artist’s ‘Red Rat’1997 song.

Whilst it has been over 20 years since Red Rat’s release, the song’s copyright was registered with the United States Copyright Office last year thus allowing Greensleeves to take action against the alleged infringers.

Greensleeves is seeking an injunction in addition over $500,000 in damages and over $1,000,000 for “the gains, profits, and advantage” Chris Brown and Sony Music has obtained as a result of the alleged infringement.

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