TYCK LLC, Trolls and a letter of Claim

What to do if you receive such a letter?Â

As I have made clear on so many occasions its beginning to grrrrr. If you admit the download then you have committed an act of copyright infringment and you will have to pay damages. If you have not admitted the download but allowed someone in your house to do it then you have committed an act of copyright infringment and will have to pay damages. If you deny the infringement then there is no way the rights holder can establish you have committed any wrong doing.Â

99% of people who come to me are innocent. They are the person responsible for the payment of the bill nothing more.Â

TYCK knows it, the courts know it and we all know it. Its a massive racket. So my advice is to deny and dont pay a penny.Â


What if you have been sent a letter?

1. Make a donation hereÂ



2. Send me the letterÂ


3. Instruct me to take over and send a robust response back.Â


4. The problem goes away.Â

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