Two of Apple’s recent patent approvals

The USPTO granted Apple two of their most recent patents, which are in relation to the MacBook keyboard. More specifically, this involves the idea of a glass cover to be placed over the keyboard, with the second patent even exploring the idea of slightly raised glass keys. Furthermore, both patents elaborate on the use of touch sensors placed below the keyboard. As per the first patent, Apple appear to have given serious consideration to the idea of a glass frame for the MacBook, which could also double up as a secondary display, potentially.

The second patent holds concern over the possibility of a raised glass sheet in place of the keyboard, which may be primarily deformed due to the thinness and flexibility of the glass. So, when the force of a typing finger is applied it may alter the structure, while other areas of the glass remain intact. The reasoning for the softer glass, in comparison to a thicker one, is that it may provide a more satisfying typing experience for the user that could appear similar to a moving keyboard. 

It will potentially provide for a less jarring impact when typing, in comparison to a perhaps less suitable surface, such as a touchscreen. According to the patent, the glass keyboard cover may consist of particular contours and it is those raised areas which may provide for a “more familiar-feeling” keyboard when in use. However, the main aim isn’t simply comfort but also the reduction of number of errors and the possibility of increased typing speed.

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