Twitter has ruffled some feathers: potential trade mark infringement claim against them

Twitter emerged on to the social media platform rather quickly and has now become a worldwide recognised staple of people’s internet activity.

However, it seems that even big companies such as Twitter can still get into trade mark hot water.

Twitter is subject to a claim for trade mark infringement and breach of contract.

The claim was filed by This Week in Tech known as Twit, who are a company that distributes videos and audio programmes online.

In 2007, Evan Williams, a co-founder of Twitter, appeared on one of Twit’s programmes during which Williams recognised that there is the potential for a conflict between the names.

To resolve this potential conflict, the two businesses entered into a co-existence agreement in which they agreed not to expand into each other’s area of business.

The two businesses operated together without issue until 2009. In 2009, Laporte, the creator of Twit, became concerned that Twitter would expand beyond micro-blogging. Laporte expressed this concerns in a letter to Twitter, in which Williams stated Twitter would not be expanding into audio or video.

Fast forward to 2017, in which Twit became aware that Twitter had gone ahead with plans to allow the streaming and downloading videos.

Twit claims that firstly, the agreement between Laporte and Williams has been breached and this breach will lead to trade mark infringement.

Twit are seeking an injunction to prevent Twitter from expanding into the distribution of audio or video content as well as damages.

Watch this space.

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