Twitch streamer receives two DMCA strikes despite using the platform’s copyright-cleared music tool.

After a large inflow of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claims against its users, Twitch was forced into taking care of the matter by creating a safe music tool in order to ensure the streamers are not infringing the copyright of third parties. Nevertheless, it appears that Twitch’s ‘Soundtrack’ “rights-cleared music tool”, which enables the streamers to access the platform’s own music, may not be so safe after all. This became clear after Twitch streamer Kevin Martin received two DMCA strikes for including music from the Soundtrack tool in his stream. Therefore, if he receives one more strike, his account could be permanently terminated. 

The streamer was understandably upset, as this happened “with no warning” and especially because he was using a tool that Twitch advertised as very safe. The video streamers have not had an easy ride with correctly carrying out the copyright enforcement, leaving them with stress over whether their account can be terminated, despite receiving warning or regulation from the streaming site.

Nevertheless, after Martin shared his disappointment on Twitter, he was criticised for not utilising Soundtrack as directed by Twitch. It is apparently not safe for clips or VOD’s but is instead only copyright-cleared for live performances. Although the fine print may be easily missed, the streamer was still criticised for blaming Twitch for the DMCA claims altogether. Martin is hoping that his strikes are will get removed. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates on our Reading Room.

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