Twitch issued a lot of DMCA takedown notices today and has already deleted infringing content.

Twitch streamers have just been hit with the news that any content which can amount to music copyright infringement has been demolished from the site. This comes as a repose to the numerous DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown requests, which occurred back in June, and left a lot of streamers with takedown notices due to violation. Twitch have said they will proceed their “normal processing of DMCA takedown notifications” on Friday.

DMCA claims enable online platforms to shield themselves from unnecessary litigation, if they follow the protocols of reviewing and potentially removing any infringing content within an allotted timeframe. Twitch incorporates a three-strike policy, so if a user receives any more than three, they will be banned from streaming on the site, and all content could be deleted.

However, the takedown requests appear to cause confusion to streamers whom received the notification, as they are still unaware of which part of their video streams violate copyright law. It has also caused upset amongst many, as older content has been deleted permanently, without a warning or the streamer’s involvement. Contrary to their normal system, Twitch are not enabling any of its users to submit any counterclaims. The online platform has also enabled access to their own soundtrack to all streamers, in their battle of tackling copyright violation claims.

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