Twitch is set to begin scanning and deleting clips containing copyrighted music

The live streaming service is set to begin scanning and deleting all infringing content, as a result of numerous takedown requests. Twitch’s streamers will not be penalised for this, despite the fact that a user’s channel could be fully banned, if having received a number of strikes, due to copyright violation.

It is important to note that this principle applies to clips only. Such clips are usually found on the site in the form of a saved highlight, taken from a large live stream. The live streams are already taken care of when it comes to copyright infringement, as they are regularly scanned and will be muted if likely to constitute infringement. However, when it comes to the saved clips, this principle does not apply, meaning that streamers may be infringing copyright content.

Twitch work in partnership with Audible Magic, a company which closely performs with Disney, Warner Music Group and many others. The live streamer insist that they will expand their partnership with Audible, in aim of focusing on the video clips, scanning the oldest first “over the coming months”. The concept of playing music still remains a contributing factor to the popularity of broadcasts. The streaming of a DJ set, or a streamer playing music in the background of the video usually tends to attract a wider audience. Furthermore, music may also be present inside a game which is being streamed, which would be harder for the user to control or disguise.

Music artist, 21 Savage has allowed Twitch streamer, Tyler Niknam , to use his songs in live streams, despite the fear of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claims. Niknam found out the news whilst streaming to his 640,000 followers, first believing the account which responded was fake.  Youtuber, boxer and rapper “KSI” also joined the movement by tweeting that he is “currently working” on a way for streamers to make use of his music, without any fear of getting taken down.

If you have any queries regarding copyright infringement or any other similar matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lawdit team today, where we would be happy to assist you.

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