Twitch apologises to its streamers after mass-deletion of their content.

After months of breach of copyright claims, Twitch’s users were left with deleted content without any explanation as to which parts of their videos were deemed to infringe. However, the streaming platform has just published a blog post with an update outlining what tools creators can expect to see in the future.

The company were simply unprepared for the flood of DMCA claims, which occurred back in May. Until then, the company received less than 50 claims of that kind per year. Twitch have said they don’t expect the flooding to slow down anytime soon and confirmed they simply decided to remove all targeted clips. This led to anger for many of its users, as a large amount of content was deleted, without giving streamers the chance to edit it in accordance with copyright legislation.

Twitch have since apologised to creators by claiming they could have prepared for such an occurrence a while ago, instead of only providing users with a mass-deletion tool. The company are looking to expand on new tools including technology which is able to detect copyright infringement as well as “more granular ways to manage a user’s archive”.

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