Trump’s trade marks: trouble with trumpets

Donald Trump, President of the USA, seems to have been on the losing end for once and has suffered a trade mark defeat over trumpets.

Trump has been on the receiving end of a trade mark fail, after his attempt to stop a trumpet app resulted in his own trade marks being affected.

The saga all started with an application to protect ‘iTrump’ from app developer Spoonjack. The intention was to use the mark in relation to a self-help app providing the public the means to learn how to play the trumpet.

The application was opposed by Trump who claimed the registration of the mark would create confusion, a false connection between the President and the app as well as causing dilution to Trump’s own marks.

Before Spoonjack could respond, in 2013, Trump withdrew the opposition.

However, the app developer was not going to let it lie.

A year later, Spoonjack filed an opposition against Trump’s application to register ‘Trump’ in Class 41 for entertainment services.

Following this opposition, the application was cancelled by the Trade mark Trial and Appeal Board.

In connection with this, in April this year, Trump also withdrew his application to protect ‘Trump’ in Class 9 for computer software.

It seems a simple trumpet app has got Mr Trump running away from bullying his way through the trade mark world.

Success for the small fry against the big fish.

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