Triller sues TikTok for patent infringement

TikTok has reached the headlines again, as the company are being sued by rival app Triller for patent infringement. If you have been keeping up with our reading room, you may be aware that TikTok consists of videos comprised of different formats. This could include just one video clip of a user dancing, lip syncing or talking, usually alongside a musical background. However, the format which has provided Triller with a reason to sue is the stitching of multiple video clips together, to from one big clip. Triller only adopts the latter format in its app, thus insisted in its filed complaint that TikTok wilfully infringed their patent.

Triller are seeking an injunction against their rival competitor, against further infringements, plus unspecified damages from TikTok. This isn’t their only worry, as TikTok’s Chinese ownership has recently drawn attention to the White House, with a raised concern over national security, as to whether the data is being shared with the Chinese Government. President Donald Trump publicly announced that he is considering a complete ban of the app, to which the company responded by insisting that they wouldn’t hand over any data to China.

TikTok’s popularity remains worldwide, with download figures surpassing two billion. However, as their future remains uncertain, competitors, including Triller, have witnessed a rise in user interest and downloads. Furthermore, famous TikTok users, including Josh Richards, have promised their large following that they will migrate to Triller, to pursue their talents and to keep viewers entertained.

Be sure to look out for any further updates on the above case, on our reading room. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lawdit team today.

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