Travis Scott reportedly sued by ‘KontrolFreek’ for copyright violations.

Houston rapper Travis Scott has been firing all kinds of collaborations recently, including music, shoes and a McDonald’s meal. However, his success cannot be sure to protect him from copyright claims. The musician is reportedly being sued by video game company ‘KontrolFreek’ with claims that Travis had reproduced the company’s copyright-protected images of products, for his own commercial use. This led to the false rumours of a possible collaboration to arise, after Travis performed virtually on the Fortnite game.

Although Travis and his label, Cactus Jack, had not made any of the copyrighted material in question at the time, they were contacted by the video game company to “manufacture the Cactus Jack Thumbsticks for Defendants” at no cost. After the offer, there was no contact between the two parties, however more rumours of a collaboration began to swirl after Travis and his team released Cactus Jack- branded game console controllers.

Unfortunately, the quality of the above product led to experienced disappointment by the consumers, whom insisted they “were not like ‘normal kontrol freeks’”. Later discoveries by KontrolFreek revealed that there were copyright violations within the packaging of the controllers, including the use of the video game company’s slogan and identical bullet points. KontrolFreek are therefore suing Travis and Cactus Jack for damages as well as requesting the destruction of the rest of the stock.

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