Trade mark symbols- do you know the difference?

As the importance of protecting your brand becomes evermore important, many brands want to warn people of their protection from the first instance.
One way to do this is by putting a trade mark symbol on your branding. However, while there is two trade mark symbols used in the UK, it is important you are using the right one.

The TM symbol is widely used but not many people are aware that it actually has no legal standing. It does not indicate a registered trade mark and does not indicate a protected brand. It is actually just there to highlight that a person is using such logo or phrase as part as their business brand as a whole. You mainly see this on words or phrases that cannot be registered as trade marks but people want to claim ownership of anyway and put off people from copying it.

The legitimate trade mark symbol is the ® symbol which indicates that a brand is protected as a registered trade mark. It is essential that your brand is registered as a trade mark before you use this symbol as it is actually an offence to use the symbol without a registration and this can lead to a fine.
It is important that you are using the symbol against an exact representation of your registration to avoid any issues there, paying particular attention to the difference between logo and word marks.

If you need any further information or would like to protect your brand, please contact the team at Lawdit today.

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