Tips for engaging with customers before you launch your e-commerce brand.

Marketing your upcoming business before it has launched is a crucial factor that can set the tone and accelerate your brand’s image. A pre-launch campaign holds benefits such as familiarising customers with the soon-to-land product or service. Several ways of attracting potential consumers are listed as follows:

Tease the product/service:

– Glorifying your upcoming business venture can be sure to provide you with customer interest. This step is one that requires you to be in tune with your target market. Assess this from the perspective of the customer and consider how you would be convinced that this upcoming product/service is something you need. Be sure to create an appealing campaign, with a hint of mystery, so viewers would be left intrigued and looking out for the launch of your brand.

Influencer marketing:

– We live in a digital era, so marketing your upcoming brand through an influencer is one of the most current and effective methods of attracting a wider audience. This is a move that enables flexibility, as you could potentially avoid upfront costs by agreeing on a commission-based partnership. It is also important that you choose a trusty group of influencers, who your target market know they can rely on. 


– Using psychological triggers to your advantage can certainly increase the amount of interaction your business receives. Examples could include limiting the number of products available for pre-order, or advertising exclusive deals for customers who sign up early. This can be tied with social media marketing, namely creating a hype that people will not want to miss out on. Generate as much excitement as possible and ensure to be consistent on all marketing channels.

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