Theme park puts Taylor Swift on trade mark rollercoaster over album name

Pop superstar Taylor Swift shocked her fans with two new albums in 2020, the latest being Evermore. However, it seems this surprise has done a loop da loop as T Swift has received a trade mark challenge over the name.

US theme park called Evermore have filed a claim against Swift for copying its name and infringing its trade mark. The theme park states that the traffic to their website has dramatically reduced since the album release.

They are seeking millions of dollars in damages to this alleged loss of trade and have filed the claim for such in the US district court in Utah, following a legal letter to resolve the matter which didn’t do so.

Swift’s team have made a statement to confirm that there is no basis for the claim filed and the claim for damages are unfounded. Her lawyers also allege that the theme park has benefitted from its namesake in respect of marketing and have confirmed so openly. This is likely to be a dispute which is resolved behind closed doors but keep your eye on the Lawdit reading room for more updates.

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