The Vote Leave campaign has used the NHS trade mark and the Department of Health is not feeling well about it

The NHS logo has been used by The Vote Leave campaign on some of its promotional leaflets. However, like many symbolic logos, it is a registered trade mark and the Department of Health is the owner with strict brand guidelines.

The NHS brand guidelines entail that organisations must obtain prior authorisation to use the trade mark. It is only to be used in official NHS communications to support “core principles and values” of the NHS. Authorisation the Vote Leave campaign did not aquire before use of the logo.

A spokesman of the Vote Leave campaign said the version was a “mock up, not the official NHS logo”. The Trade Mark Act 1994 provides that a person infringes a trade mark if he uses in the course of trade a sign which, is identical with or similar to the trade mark.

Guess it is lucky a “mock up” was used in the leaflets and not a similar logo then. However, it does demonstrate the power of intellectual property to protect brand image.Â

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