The value of music: Bob Dylan sells re-recording for £1.5million

In most cases, the original is key. The original holds the most value and is the most sought after.

However, for Bob Dylan this is not the case.

Superstar Dylan has re-recorded a new version of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ and sold it at auction for £1.5 million.

The re-recording is special as it was presented on a ‘Ionic Original’ disc which is a new patented technology which provides a higher level of quality than standard vinyl.

The disc is made of aluminium, treated with a layer of nitrocellulose then coated with a sapphire and quartz gradient, but is playable on any regular turntable.

60 years since its initial release, this re-recording has been bought by a secret buyer for a significant amount.

The uniqueness of this re-recording has influenced its value, as well as the fame of Dylan.

A song and its lyrics are both protected by copyright protection.

This the perfect example of how your IP could be worth a massive amount. It is therefore clear that all steps should be taken to ensure it is protected.

If you want to speak more about your music, please get in touch with the Lawdit Music team today.

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