The UK Intellectual Property Office needs you!

Announced this week, the UK Intellectual Property Office are hiring!

Advertised on their website, they are looking to fill the role of a patent examiner.

Patents are notorious for their technicalities and unique elements. Therefore, to establish if they should be protected, there needs to be a wide range of experts available to examine them.

The job will involve a high level of research as well as a specific focus on the development of technology.

If this is something you are interested in and are looking to be on the cusp of innovation, this is a job you should consider.

The role is open to graduates in science, engineering, mathematics and computer sciences as well as those with the equivalent level of industrial expertise.

You should also be willing to combine your technical skills with those in relation to IP law.

Any applications should be submitted to the UK Intellectual Property Office. Contact details can be found on their website quoted above.

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