The problems facing Google

Torrent Freak highlights the extent of the problem ” Google’s transparency report shows that copyright holders have asked the company to remove four billion links to alleged copyright-infringing content. The majority or these requests, more than 90%, were indeed removed or put on a preemptive blacklist.

The four billion links were reported by 168,180 copyright holders who identified 2,283,811 separate domains. These domains also include false positives, including websites of The White Housethe FBIDisneyNetflix, the New York Times, and even TorrentFreak.

 4 Billion…”

However this means that the takedown process works but its whack-a-mole- as millions then get posted.Â

“Although this would reduce our operational burden, whole-site removal is ineffective and can easily result in the censorship of lawful material,” Google wrote in its latest overview of anti-piracy measures, published late last year.

The last word goes to Torrent Freak ” As such, the four billion reported links will likely be five billion by the end of next year.”

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