The Premier League has obtained an injunction that is top of the game

The Premier League owns the copyright in the in the television footage of all Premier League matches. Unsurprisingly, they are not happy about the fact that unauthorised live streams of matches are delivered to the public via Kodi and other devices and now the Premier League want to block these live streams in real time.

So how can the Premier League stop these live streams? With some help from the High Court they have obtained a rather unique injunction against the UK’s leading internet service providers. Although, it is these internet service provides that “have been involved in negotiations over the terms of the order” the injunction its self reads.

The injunction works by targeting servers streaming the content, rather than the websites that emit the stream. Once three elements or criteria been established, IP addresses of the streaming servers are able to be blocked. However, the three elements that need to be present before a block can be set up have not been disclosed “because if they were to be made public it would make it easier for the Order to be circumvented.”

It has been reported, that there must be reasonable belief that the server has the sole or predominant purpose of facilitating access to infringing streams of Premier League football matches. There also must not or not have reason to believe that the server is being used for any other substantial purpose.

This premier injunction will need premier caution this is due to the fact that the blocks will be carried out live. An anti-piracy contractor will be monitoring the internet by looking for and grabbing the IP addresses. Once the IP addresses are known, the internet service providers will be asked to block the IP addresses in real time and this will not need any effort on the courts behalf…until next season when the Premier League will need a new injunction as the current one will have expired.Â

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