The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit

Launched in September 2013 and funded by the Intellectual Property Office, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit is dedicated to protecting UK industries from intellectual property crime.

The aim to disrupt illegal websites that provide access to films, TV, books, music and games is named under the title of Operation Creative. One of the key aims of the operation is to reduce advertising on illegal websites, a report by the Digital Citizens Alliance has estimated that in 2013 $227 million was generated though advertising on piracy websites.

Since the launch of Operation Creative and the Infringing Website List in 2013, a 73% decrease in advertising from the UK’s highest spending advertising companies has been seen.  The Infringing Website List is a portal that contains a list of copyright infringing websites that have been identified by the creative industries and verified by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Â

The Gambling Commission has also joined Operation Creative, leading to a 36% decrease for gambling advertisements on copyright infringing websites from March to June 2015.

Intellectual property crime is clearly a vast issue coming in many forms in many jurisdictions, being taken on by many organisations. If you think you are a victim of intellectual property crime then do not hesitate to contact Lawidit.Â

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