The music industry has persued a step towards a legal dispute with Twitch

Organisations which represent large parts of the music industry have collectively joined to construct a letter to the online streaming platform, Twitch. Organisations which signed the letter include the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Recording Academy and many more.

The document in question contains accusations of Twitch allowing streamers to live stream copyrighted music without permission. Last week, it was streamers of the platform which took the hit, as Twitch deleted a large amount of content without their permission. This came as a result of the numerous DMCA takedown requests, which reached Twitch back in June 2020. Despite the Twitch’s best bet to deal with the matter large contributors to the music industry were keen to send out a letter to the platform, leaving Twitch to be targeted from all sides.

The letter further suggests the huge disappointment expressed by the industry groups, as they remain concerned over the large amount of unlicensed content on the page, despite Twitch insisting that they would remove it. Furthermore, the letter also provides detail of RIAA’s objection to Twitch’s new soundtrack tool, which is set to enable creators to feature licensed music during their streams, whilst also paving a new way for musicians to be discovered on the platform.

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