The mediation process: step by step

You may have heard of mediations and the reasons why a mediation may be suitable for your situation, but you may be concerned that it is the unknown.

This article will pull back the curtain and detail how the day of a mediation would work, and the process all parties will go through.

A mediation normally takes place in a neutral location, such as a meeting room or office block, allowing for separate spaces for parties to sit as well as space for the parties to come together at the beginning and end of the day.

The mediator is essentially the middle person, going back and forth between the parties trying to reach a settlement. They wont make a judgment or decision but encourage parties to compromise.

The day will start with all parties together. There will be introductions for both sides and both sides legal representatives will make a short statement to summarise their client’s position. Once this is done, both parties will separate into different areas so they can speak freely.

The mediator will then go back and forth updating each party with the other sides position. As the day progresses, offers will be put forward and there is a lot of to and froing.

The goal for the mediator is to bring the parties to a middle ground that they are both happy with. This may not just be focusing on money but can include remedies that the court couldn’t or wouldn’t give.

If this is successful, both parties will come together at the end of the day to put together the mediation agreement. This should solve all the issues and leave the parties feeling satisfied.

Not all mediations are successful and can be a long process, but all parties should enter the mediation will optimism to reach a settlement to allow the process to be as successful as it can be.

If you would like to discuss mediation or any other matter further, please contact the team today.

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