The legal battle of patent infringement continues: TikTok vs Triller

If you have been keeping up to date with our reading room, you would likely be aware that video recording apps TikTok and Triller have been tangled up in a legal dispute for a while. The matter concerned Triller suing rival app TikTok over claims of patent infringement. However, TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, have now fought back and responded to the claim by insisting Triller’s allegations have “cast a cloud” over the video-app’s business.

The response was filed on Wednesday this week, in which ByteDance denied any allegations of infringing on Triller’s patents and technology and went on to argue that the matter has now affected their business reputation. As TikTok’s future remains uncertain in the USA, famous users have promised to migrate to Triller instead, in order to continue posting content and stay in touch with their fans.

ByteDance is now seeking to obtain a court order to demonstrate that they did not infringe and are thus not liable for damages or injunctive relief. Be sure to stay tuned on our reading rooms for further updates on the matter.

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