The Importance of Trade mark searches

Trade marks law is designed to prevent organisations from clashing with other organisations, thus reducing the risk of unfair competition by protecting one company’s logo, words and phrases that distinguish its goods and services to another.

Trade mark searches are extremely beneficial as they save time and effort. Here at Lawdit, we pride ourselves on our trade mark searches and offer the best help and advice in ensuring your trade marks are appropriate for the goods or services you provide.

When considering proposed trade marks, we first ensure your trade mark is distinctive and not simply descriptive of the services or goods you provide before we perform your trade mark search. Also, the primary functions of your trade mark must be attained, which would provide consumers with an indication of your commercial origin or services. If this function is not achieved, then the mark has been unsuccessful in fulfilling its primary function and subsequently failed to be distinctive.

Once the criteria above are met, then the next step is to carry out a trade mark search. When carrying out a trade mark search, we verify whether your trade mark resembles any existing registered mark, which may cause confusion in the future. Therefore, it would be beneficial to do a trade mark search as any amendments to your trade mark could be made before you are content with your chosen final trade mark. During the trade mark search process, we examine whether your goods and services offered are familiar to other trade marks, which appear alike to yours. Also, the other trade marks individual qualities and its reputation are also considered.

Finally, we provide you with any further advice and support after identifying whether you have a high or low risk of opposition being proposed against your proposed trade mark.

For any further information and advice, feel free to contact Lawdit today on 023 8023 5979.

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