The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers

At Lawdit we receive as many as 50 applications per month and we are small fry compared to the big boys.

So the article rings very true and my heart goes out to all of those still looking.

The problem is the lack of facts especially from law schools who are all so keen to make as much money as possible without explaining that if you dont have a training contract BEFORE you start law school then its highly unlikely you will get one.

But then why would they? Its a free world and choices are made. However the reality is so bad that I would think all law schools should have a health warning on any prospectus bumph….how about on page 1 …

“Have you a Training Contract in place after Law School? if not then please put me in the bin and go do something else”

Good luck everyone and here on email if you need any advice/support. I’ll do what I can.




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