The fight back against patent trolls

Nintendo and HTC have won their cases against patent trolls, thanks to a decision by the U.S International Trade Commission.

The two companies were part of a large ruling by the commission, which held that the claims of patent infringement from three patent trolls over a patents being “High performance microprocessor having variable speed system clock” did not have any merit. The win for the companies is good news for legitimate technology companies trying to advance technology and sell to consumers.

Patent trolls can be a big problem for these companies as their threats may well stand in in their way of advancing technology. This also costs genuine companies a smal fortune defending their cases money that could have been spend on research in to new technology.

The International Trade Commission announced that it will be taking new steps to cut down on the number of lawsuits filed by patent trolls and they needed to show that they have “a significant presence in the United States” before filing a patent complaint.

A pilot program was created that will be led by six administrative judges who will determine whether a company has a large enough presence in U.S. production, licensing and research to utilize the court.


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