Thailand authorities arrest two brits and a local citizen who are accused of offering unlicensed IPTV subscriptions

The Department of Special Investigation has arrested the trio in connection with their alleged involvement in the sale of IPTV subscriptions. The action started when the Football Association Premier League Ltd complained that the men were selling pirate subscriptions to TV channels through the website. Arrest warrants were subsequently granted by the Central Intellectual Property Office and International Trade Court.

For a relatively small monthly fee it was possible to subscribe to 10 or 22 premium sports channels, however the website is no longer in action. In local media it was reported that during the raids mobile phones, servers, computers and set-top boxes were seized.

The deputy chief, Suriya Singhakamol, of the Department of Special Investigation said the trio were also accused of offering unauthorised content by way of various other sites that were aimed at expats.

The two British men have been handed over to officials from the British embassy, and the websites offering the unlicensed content are no longer online.Â

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