Text of new EU Trade Secrets Directive released.


Over the Festive holidays, the proposed wording for the new EU Trade Secret Directive has been released.

This follows the provisional agreement made in December last year between the European Parliament and the EU Council in regards to the structure and wording of the new Trade Secrets Directive.

Much of the directive is unchanged from previous drafts, however there was a number of amendments made particularly in regards to the impact of the directive on employees and the newly developed whistleblowing defence.

The draft Directive can be found on the EUROPA website where it was posted without any huge announcement. In addition, the wording of the agreement made on the 15th December last year can also be publicly viewed there.

The development of this Directive is moving quickly, it is believed the Directive will take effect early this year, with a period of time attached for Member States to implement its measures.

If you are involved in a business where trade secrets hugely effect you, this will be a good development to keep a close eye on.

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