Texas jury orders Apple to pay $308.5 million for patent infringement

Tech-giant, Apple, has been ordered to pay the sum of $308.5 million in royalties to Personalised Media Communications (PMC). The legal dispute was ongoing for six years, and Apple are now finally forced to pay out , after a jury in Texas found the company liable for patent infringement. Further, the infringing content was found on Apple’s iTunes, Apple Music and other platforms within their App Store.

Back in 2015, PMC sued Apple for violating a number of their secured patents, however, after Apple challenged the validity of the matter, PMC did not succeeding their claim. Nevertheless, the original decision was challenged again, leading to the present win for PMC. The infringement concerns a digital rights management software known as ‘FairPlay’. The latter is responsible for encrypting digital content, leading the jury to state that the one incorporated within Apple’ apps held significant resemblance to that of FairPlay.

Despite their win, PMC operate in the context of a licensing firm. Such companies are usually viewed to buy patents and in turn sue giant companies for infringing upon the patents. This is also known as patent trolling and has enabled PMC to sue giants such as Netflix, Google, YouTube and now Apple. A spokesperson for Apple has since stated that such cases ’brought by companies that don’t make or sell products, stifle innovation and ultimately harm consumers’. Furthermore, it has been noted that the Apple intend on appealing the decision.

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