Taylor Swift has to ‘Shake It Off’ once more as copyright claim back to court

As reported on the reading room, Taylor Swift was initially successful in batting away a copyright claim against her hit song ‘Shake It Off’.

The claim was filed by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, songwriters for US girl group 3LW who claimed that Swift and fellow songwriters Max Martin and Shellback copied the lyrics of their 2001 song ‘Players Gon’ Play’.

The lyrics of issue from ‘Shake it Off’ was “the players gonna play” and “the haters gonna hate”.

The case was initially heard by judge Michael Fitzgerald who ruled that Hall and Butler did not have ownership of these phrases as they were commonplace and used a number of times previously in American popular culture. The judge dismissed the claim.

However, there was a twist as an appeal was lodged which argued that Fitzgerald should not have been the sole decider of this case and it is a matter for a jury to consider.

This appeal was successful, and the case will be heard by a jury who will make the final decision.

Swift is still maintaining that the claim has not merit and she will be successful.
Other one amongst the many music copyright matters ongoing at the moment to key your eye on. Lawdit has everything covered for you, so be sure to check the reading room for any updates.

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