Taylor Swift can’t seem to shake off the infringement claims

The iconic Taylor Swift song ‘shake it off’ has received another copyright infringement claim from a Californian-based songwriter.

Jesse Graham (‘Jesse’) claims that the 2014 hit song ‘shake it off’ infringes a previous work that he composed in 2013 called ‘haters gone hate’. It can be seen as ironic that ‘haters gone hate’ is another memorable line in the song. Consequently, Jesse filed a complaint with the US district Court for the Central District of California.

The complaint centres on the chorus of his composition registered in 2014 with Broadcast Music Inc, which features identical lines to Taylor Swift’s song ‘shake it off’.

This is the second time that Jesse has sued the all-American starlet. However, he still insists that his song accounts for a significant part of her song. Additionally, he states that Taylor Swift as a seasoned music artist should be aware that an individual cannot use another’s musical composition without a licence, authorisation or attributing credit to the relevant person.

Jesse has claimed $150,000 per infringement and $42 million in damages. As the official VEVO video has over 2.8 billion views, one might think that the Jesse’s claim for financial remunerations is quite reasonable.

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