Tavern on the Green Restaurant Name in Dispute

A battle is brewing on the streets of New York as to who owns the name Tavern on the Green, a name recently valued at $19 million U.S. Dollars.

The city of New York City is claiming ownership over the family who has operated the landmark restaurant in Central Park for decades.

A spokesperson for the city confirmed that it will be taking legal action to assert its right to the Tavern on the Green trademark. The restaurant was named in 1934. In 1973, the restaurant was taken over by Warner LeRoy, who trademarked the name. The LeRoy family had the license to run the restaurant until the end of this year.

The LeRoys have said that they have proof of the legality of the original trade mark, in addition to proof that the family has defended the trade mark through the years, expending legal fees to challenge other restaurants that tried to use the name. They have claimed that such proofs established their legitimate ownership of the name.

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